(2/2) 10021 Westwanda Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 – Upstairs

(2/2) 10021 Westwanda Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - Upstairs

Last walk-through before demolition.10021 Westwanda Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210, September 12th, 2011

If you found your way here via Caitlin Dougherty’s video, save your breath.

Scott was not on the property illegally. He had permission and the keys from the appropriate party. He was there to document the property before it was torn down. The only reason there was anything in that medicine cabinet was because the scrappers missed it when they scrapped out the house. It would now be in a landfill with everything else.

Yvette’s brother and cousin had already taken everything they wanted long before Scott was there and before the scrappers showed up with their dumpsters.

In an L.A. Magazine article, Susan Savage, Yvette’s neighbor, said that Perry Palmer, Yvette’s half-brother, sent a junk-hauling crew over there and just had them “scrap-out” the house. Susan found Yvette’s photo albums and scrapbooks run over in the street along with mountains or other personal items. A framed Al Hirschfeld caricature had been run over by the crew’s truck.

A quote at the end of the same article by Perry Palmer reads “We have her ashes, we don’t know what we’ll do with them”. He lives in the Sierra Gold Country, above Sacramento.

Scott contacted Perry Palmer and asked if he could inter Yvette’s ashes at Hollywood Forever Cemetery so that her fans could visit her. Perry Palmer never returned Scott’s calls.

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