20 Incredible Places for Kebabs in Los Angeles

20 Incredible Places for Kebabs in Los Angeles

Why LA might have the best grilled meat skewers in the country

Quietly, kebabs are one of the most pervasive dishes in Los Angeles and for good reason. Peoples from across the Levant and Asia have come to settle in the City of Angels, bringing their unique approach to meat grilled on skewers. While most of better renditions tend to come from Persian, Lebanese, and Armenian restaurants, there are also Afghan, Greek, and Turkish specialists around town. Combined, it means LA might have the best collection of kebabs available in the country.

The best part about kebabs? Their relative affordability compared to steakhouses or other places to get meat. Also the sides, which might be a gorgeous mound of rice, perhaps some grilled vegetables, or usually an array of spreads and dips to vary each bite. Throw in some lavash or pita and one has the perfect meal on a plate. Here now, where to find the best places for kebabs in Los Angeles, presented without any particular order.

Added: Habayrit, Hayat, Mizlala, Muma Kitchen, Sevan Garden

Removed: Ariana, Javan, Open Sesame, Shamshiri Grill, UPick Cafe, King Mediterraneo, Seasoning Alley

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