This real estate journey began 3 years ago when I first met Kevin and Jenny at my  Open House in Cedar Mill. They stopped by as Jenny had grown up in this neighborhood and her parents still lived in the same home, just down the street. They were considering moving back to the neighborhood because:

  1. it is as lovely as it is traditional
  2. would be closer to parents
  3. an easy commute to work.
Thus, our search began. Over the next three years we looked at potential homes in the area but none were quite right. By the summer of 2018, Kevin and Jenny decided to go ahead and sell their Bethany area home. If the right home did not appear during this process they would then purchase a condo and wait until the right home did appear.

We put their Bethany area home on the market in mid-September, 2018. They did everything right in preparing their property for sale and it looked terrific! A first offer was received in early October but it was problematic and not meant to be. That offer went away, spirits were sagging and then…..Lo and Behold!……a great offer arrived on the very same day that a home in their parent’s neighborhood came on the market. The sale of their Bethany home went through in a smooth and straightforward manner and the purchase of their new home–50 feet from the house where I had first meet Kevin and Jenny–closed on the same day.   Synchronicity, indeed!

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