Arts District Maxwell Commercial Retail and Soylent

Arts District Maxwell Commercial Retail and Soylent

The Maxwell Re-Imagined Historic Office and #Retail Complex

More high-style commercial real estate comes to the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.  Not to be confused with the Maxwell loft apartments on Santee Street, the new Maxwell commercial office building renovation and expansion is right across the street from Molino Lofts building in the Arts District.  The metamorphosis is nearly complete after many years of under-utilization and new renovation of what was the old Maxwell House Coffee building.

Check out The Maxwell’s stylish new video that shows the renovated historic brick building concept with large windows, along with a much-needed parking structure topped by penthouse commercial office spaces with high ceilings, views and rooftop terraces.  #maxwell #artsdistrict #dtla



Developer Hudson Pacific Properties aims to provide a workplace that is more than just a place to work. They say it’s “part of who we are and how we thrive”.   The entrance signals that you’ve arrived to an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and success, with state-of-the-art infrastructure that blends perfectly with the cafes, high art and low dives within walking distance in the neighborhood.

The complex joins other newly reimagined #commercial properties nearby, such as At Mateo retail and office complex, the new home of Soylent headquarters.

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Photos courtesy The Maxwell, Hudson Pacific Properties
Photos courtesy Maxwell, Hudson Pacific Properties

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