Breakfast Bars and 4 Reasons Why They Rule

Kitchens can be complicated. Some are ready to roll, others need a little love and sometimes a lot of vision to reach their full potential. Luckily there are many ways to create character in your space. Adding a breakfast bar to your home offers up a multitude of uses to your kitchen experience. Below we’ve listed a few reasons and benefits!

1. Connect Your Spaces – A BB is the middle man between your kitchen and the next room. Adding one ensures an open floor plan and you’ll never feel left out of conversation or activities going on in the next room.

2. Additional Dining Area – Adding a BB creates more room to eat when family and friends outnumber seats at the dinner table.

3. Prep Station – When you aren’t using it for a place to eat, the extra counter space is the perfect spot to set up prep shop, especially in L shaped or smaller kitchens.

4. Cocktails Anyone? – Lastly, turn the BB into a CB and utilize the space as a cocktail bar or buffet. Everyone loves snacks.

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