Cher | Cher’s House Tour In Beverly Hills-2018(Inside & Outside)

Cher | Cher's House Tour In Beverly Hills-2018(Inside & Outside)

Cher’s House Tour.Cher’s House Tour In Beverly Hills-2018(Inside & Outside).Cher’s House Tour 2018 | This video is about Cher’s House 2017 in Beverly Hills Mansion. Cher’s Home tour 2018 is more than awesome.We love to watch also Cher’s all news update. Cher’s home Inside is beautifully decorated .Cher’s house tour is just mind blowing like others beautiful houses.A luxury mansion whose previous owners include Cher and Eddie Murphy is on sale for an unbelievable $85million.
The lavish celebrity estate, sprawled across 16 acres in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, hit the market today.
Singer Cher owned the pad in the 1980s before selling it to comedian Eddie Murphy for just $6.4milllion who lived there until 1995.The 20,000 square foot main house – which is being renovated at the moment – comes with a tennis court, swimming pool and equestrian facilities.

When the current owners bought the property they added more land as well as hiking and riding trials.
There is also a 7,000 square foot Moroccan-style guest house which comes with a spa, sauna and Jacuzzi.
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