Contingent Sale Sucess

Our beautiful friends Carla and Andy told Jason and I that their cousins were needing to move to Oregon. They swung by both open houses that Jason and I were separately holding to introduce us to the wonderful Lorenzo, Teresa, and their beautiful children.

I received a text 3 weeks later with the great news that Lorenzo had a new job assignment in Portland, and they needed to quickly make the jump to settle in in Oregon. They were in the process of selling their home back in California so it would have to be a contingent sale.  We prepped them for the potential hurdles we would have to face with a contingent offer so they were armed with knowledge before diving head first.

They flew in a week later and we lined up 5 homes that we felt fit their criteria.  I warned them that it might all feel like a blur at the end of the tour; so we needed to keep detailed notes on each home.  Home #2 stuck out from the very minute Lorenzo and Teresa stepped foot in it.  By home #4, Teresa had a feeling that we needed to revisit #2 to solidify her gut reaction that this was home.  We gave the listing agent the good news that we wanted a second viewing in the same day.  After our second viewing Lorenzo started to see the draw of why Teresa felt like home #2 was home.

After Lorenzo and Teresa thought everything over, they gave us the go ahead, and we put together a strong case for why the sellers should accept their contingent offer.  For extra support their lender, Dion Mancia with Caliber Home Loans, was amazing and called the listing agent to vouch for them as solid buyers.  By the end of the day we were giving Lorenzo and Teresa the good news that we had mutual acceptance!

This transaction stood out to us particularly because of the excellent teamwork and communication of all those representing Teresa and Lorenzo.  Their agent back in California, Naz Fontilea w/ Century 21, was fantastic and kept us up to date on the sale of their home so that we could organize our closing in Oregon.  The escrow officers from Old Republic in California helped facilitate wiring funds from their sale to ours in Oregon.  Jennifer Fahner with Old Republic Title and her team were amazing and worked together to sign Lorenzo and Teresa as soon as they received loan documents.

Our collective goal was to alleviate as much stress from Teresa and Lorenzo as possible so that they could focus on their end prize of moving to Oregon.  Working on 2 closings simultaneously is no easy task, and Teresa and Lorenzo handled it like champions.

In a little over one month Lorenzo and Teresa moved their lives from California to Oregon, and we are so excited to have them here. We look forward to all the memories that they will create in their beautiful new home.

Cheers to Teresa, Lorenzo and the whole family! Welcome home!

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