Dungeons & Dragons in Hillsboro

Ethan and Anna are quite the pair. They met at Ethan’s gaming development company, Stained Glass Llama, where he was originally her boss and she was a brilliant self-taught programmer. After working together for a while, they realized how naturally compatible they were and how special their connection was. They also discovered a mutual love of gaming, which has become a cornerstone in their happy life together.

These two run a weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign out of their home on Sundays. They have a special round table they use and finding the perfect room for said table and activity became the main requirement in the search for their new home. Everywhere we looked at: “does the table work here?” was the most important question asked. Yes, all the usual culprits were important: decent bathrooms, great kitchen, etc… But making sure there was an appropriate space for their favorite Sunday tradition was always number 1.

We were looking out in Hillsboro, and honestly it’s gotten to be a really competitive market out there. We got beat out a few times but eventually the stars aligned on the perfect abode for these two tech and gaming lovers. And of course, the table has its own special space.

If you are also in the Dungeons & Dragons squad, keep your eyes open. Ethans long-term plan is to open his own gaming store specializing in handmade D&D figurines!


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