Evergreen San Jose CA Home For Sale | 4227 Chaboya Court 95148 | |#ASKROMANSINGH

Evergreen San Jose CA Home For Sale | 4227 Chaboya Court 95148 | |#ASKROMANSINGH

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(408) 357-0619

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THIS is the Best of Evergreen San Jose Show. Where we talk local eats, schools, businesses, and you KNOW we talk the best of the bay! Come with me as I explore the capital of Silicon Valley. You never know who may run into in San Jose. 🙂

About Roman:
Roman’s mission is to build trust and value through genuine and meaningful connections with his clients, and he is passionate about helping people attain their dreams. It’s what has him jumping out of bed every morning. Roman was born and raised in the Evergreen area of San Jose. As a teenager, he achieved several academic and athletic accolades, but the pinnacle of his sporting career was being the first East Indian-American NCAA Athlete to receive a scholarship to play Collegiate Basketball at San Francisco State University, where he would also earn his BS in Marketing. He was also fortunate enough to have a savvy businessman for a father and was able to learn the importance of customer service, marketing, and competitive business practices, three highly regarded skills he uses in his real estate business.
In his spare time, Roman enjoys spending time with his loved ones, as well as reading, martial arts, and everything outdoorsy. He also coaches the next generation of basketballers at his local high school.

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