Facebook Falsities – Clumsy Social Media Steps on Downtown Historic Lofts

Facebook Falsities – Clumsy Social Media Steps on Downtown Historic Lofts

Social Media Giant Blocks Mills Act Condo Advertisements

Downtown Historic Lofts Blocked by Facebook
Downtown Historic Lofts Blocked by Facebook

REAL ESTATE NEWS  —  (Downtown Los Angeles, CA) Technology news media CNET recently reported on how Downtown loft specialist real estate professional Corey Chambers was falsely labeled a “political advertiser” because Facebook keeps fumbling political ads.  #millsact #dtla #loft

After the behemoth social media monopoly caused massive political upheaval by their mistreatment of user personal data for political advertisers, Facebook began to force political advertisers to register.  The problem is that Facebook is discerning political advertisers as gracefully as a bull shops for fine china.  Facebook stopped a real estate ad for Mills Act lofts, insisting that it is a political ad.  Likely because the real estate ad includes the words “tax” and “act,” clumsily fingered by Facebook’s sketchy algorithms and ineffective censors.


http://www.laloftblog.com/In the real estate ad in question, these words are only used to describe a type of property. The Facebook advertisement’s sole purpose is to inform potential home buyers about Mills Act properties, and to sell condos, not politicians.  After Facebook was notified of the error by real estate professional Corey Chambers, ( who is the Publisher of the L.A. Loft Blog), Facebook refused the correction, and continued to insist that the real estate ad was a political ad. Facebook demanded to see Corey Chambers personal information such as identification and social security number etc.

“I’m more than happy to share my personal information and register when appropriate,” says Corey Chambers, “but we should be very reluctant to hand over personal information in that way when the demand from Facebook is based on a falsehood, particularly when we know for a fact that Facebook abuses personal information, and also has a problem with the truth.  With a pretense of appropriate action, Facebook actually increases its interference in American politics, business and more than two billion personal lives.”

When CNET reporter Queenie Wong later questioned Facebook. The accused democracy killer replied, admitting that the historic  Mills Act condo ads were pulled as a “false positive”.

Unlike Facebook and its colluding websites, The L.A Loft Blog pledges an eternal alliance with free speech, truth and fairness, with all politics being subordinate to freedom of expression.

Countless other small business have been caught up in Facebook’s political foibles, including restaurants, even queer open mic nights. Read the full CNET article at https://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-keeps-fumbling-political-ads/

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