Falling Home Prices – Bear Market for Real Estate – Boring Company’s Exciting Car Race

Falling Home Prices – Bear Market for Real Estate – Boring Company’s Exciting Car Race


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The mainstream news is usually at least 6 month behind behind because they generally rely on official government data, which is often too broad and too slow to be of much use here.  In fact the late news is often counter-productive because it give the population the idea that they should be cutting back right when it’s time to start investing for an upcoming real estate market boom, or after its too late to reduce costs for a coming downturn.

http://www.laloftblog.com/Some business reporters have been properly ahead of the pack with accurate predictions. These reliable soothsayers include David Haggith of Seeking Alpha. He bravely calls today’s real estate market “Housing Collapse 2.0” in his latest statistics-based article.  #real estate #market

CNBC helpfully brings another ahead-of-the-curve financial analyst hedgefund veteran, Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital. He swiftly proclaims that “we’re already in a bear market,” projecting a shallow recession .  |  VIDEO

L.A. Transportation Tech News

Elan Musk’s Historic Boring Company Race

Regardless of the economy, few dispute that Los Angeles needs a major improvement to our clogged freeway system. Now, Elan Musk has proven beyond all doubt that Boring tunnels bring the right transportation solution today to ensure a fast future.  |  VIDEO

Musk wants to create some of his next high-speed tunnels right here near Downtown Los Angeles, right into Dodger Stadium.  The Dugout Loop tunnel will allow us to zoom to the West Side or Santa Monica in just a few minutes. This project must be green-lit right away if the DTLA community cares to receive a brilliant notation in transportation history.

Find out what the home down the street sold for

For Downtown L.A. and much of Southern California, the future is bright regardless of the fact that some home prices are falling.  Find out how much the home down the street sold for. Fill out the online form:

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