Finding your dream home after just one Open House!

Jenna and Issac called Kristin and I to let us know they were thinking about buying a house at the end of summer and were curious as first time buyers if they could go check out open houses to see what was out there and start gaining intel and educating themselves on the Portland Market.  Of course we thought that was a great idea and figured we would start actively looking in July.  They went to one open house that afternoon and called us after telling us they wanted to write an offer!  We put them in touch with one of our favorite lenders and we had pre-approval and offer ready to go Monday morning.  One month later we closed and these two amazing first time buyers are moving into a beautiful home.  Sometimes you just know I guess.

These two even used all the information in our buyers folder to educate themselves and keep track of due dates and inspections!  Gold stars all around.


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