First Time Home Buyers, Duplex, Solid Choice!

The first time my clients and I met they talked about the idea of purchasing a duplex, living in one side, while renting the other. This typically can be a very daunting thought for most people. Not only are you becoming a homeowner, but also a landlord at the same time! However, if done correctly it can be a very solid choice in taking the first step into homeownership. The search took some time to find the right property as there are not many duplexes in this current market worth pursuing. But when the right property came along, they did what it took to get it in contract!

Knowing this would not be their forever home, but it would provide a wonderful place to live and will be a great investment for the future. The goal being to stay in this home for 2-5 years, then move to to another property while keeping this as their first rental. An amazing real estate goal turned into reality! Congrats to my clients on the closing of their new duplex in Milwaukie!

Thanks for the oppurtunity to help and wish you the best in your new venture!

– Jason

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