Friend Referral – Thank you!

A few years ago I sold a home to a young man who inevitably became one of my dearest and closest friends. Sometimes I marvel at the way real estate can bring life long steadfast people to you. This last Thanksgiving we were invited to his home for dinner. 25 people were seated at a very long table, for the most part made up of his college friends. One couple really stood out to me for their kindness and irreverent charm + sense of humor.

Never did I expect that they would become real estate clients of mine. Spending time with them this Spring while looking for their first home has been a wonderful journey. Viewing homes and writing offers in our competitive market was made all the more enjoyable because they give you friendship + trust with a willingness to listen and learn. Eager to stop for juice, coffee or just sit and visit along the way I found myself looking forward to our house touring dates.

They are always so happy to accommodate my availability and thankful for our working relationship. They stand out and really shine brightly in evidence of how beautiful working together to find a home can be. Congratulations to them now, new owners of their first home!

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