Grant-ed, it took a bit of work…

But Alex & Candace were great every step of the way!!
This market definitely shows that perseverance and some elbow grease can get it done.
Alex & Candace bought this home in 2015, right in the middle of the “hot Portland market”, and maybe accepted a few too many projects that came with it due to the seller’s leverage at the time.
After a few years of putting those greased elbows to work & fixing up the home, plus completely remodeling a bathroom just in the nick of time, they were ready to move on.  Sometimes those remodeling projects and home improvements only get completed right before you sell…
Well, after all the preparations were done, and going on the market, we received two great offers right out of the gate!!  We hemmed and hawed, and discussed the merits of each offer – accepting one, and putting the other in the back up position.  After the first offer went through their inspections, negotiations turned tough, and we were unable to find a compromise.  Luckily Alex and Candace had a eager buyer waiting in the wings, and happy to move forward with the purchase!!
This time there were no issues negotiating repairs and a rent back – and Alex and Candace were able to sail smoothly to closing and moving on to their new home.

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