Gratitude Groceries for YOU!

Back in the day, the vast majority of my clients came to me by way of a referral from a friend, relative, neighbor or coworker. In recent years, more and more people started finding me online. Ah, modern times. One cool thing about 2018 was that, as in the old days, so many of my new clients were friends of friends. I love this. It makes for a giant real estate family. It is so rewarding, a huge compliment really, when people send those they care about to me for help with buying or selling property. A home is a huge commitment and investment, and changing homes takes a lot of courage and grit. I want to thank all of those who trust me to guide them and their friends through the process. It is an honor.

So, I have been thinking about how to say thank you… Gratitude Groceries! In 2019, every time a newly referred client meets with me, I will be sending the referrer a grocery gift card. It doesn’t matter if they are raring to go right away, or seeking a consultation for future planning. If they come in for an appointment, you get a gift. It’s a small way I can say thank you for your tremendous support of my business.

Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Arigato, Danke, Mahalo, Xièxiè, Asante, Mahsie, Todah…

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