I Love The Hiking Trails In Los Angeles. But I hate the LA Traffic!

I Love The Hiking Trails In Los Angeles.  But I hate the LA Traffic!

I decompress from the LA traffic by taking weekend hikes on one of the Best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles. Baldwin Hills Scenic Hiking Trail.

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A snapshot about me!
My name is Nicole Johnson. I am a Los Angeles Real Estate Advisor. I help people buy and sell homes in Los Angeles County and the greater Southern California area.

These are the areas that I work in primarily:
Los Angeles
Baldwin Hills
Culver City
Leimert Park
Long Beach
Leimert Park

If you live in any of these areas (or anywhere else in Southern California, and you need help selling a home, please visit my website. You can call or text me any time at 424.226.2318.

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for homes for sale!

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