Inspired by Travel | How to Bring the Colors of Hong Kong Home

Hong Kong aerial view, photo courtesy of Ruslan Bardash via Unsplash

When a trip is truly extraordinary, we bring more home than souvenirs. The mark of a great vacation is returning rejuvenated and inspired, re-energized to imagine our living spaces and environments in a new way. Next time you’re abroad, take note of the settings that catch your eye—historic infrastructure, vibrant transportation, evocative landscapes—and see what these views spark in your own creative processes.

Spend only a few hours in Hong Kong and you’ll feel the pulse of the colors that keep this city moving. Whether it’s the intensity of the Central Neighbourhood, the playful pastels of the Kowloon Peninsula, or the breathtaking landscapes that surround the city, there are many things to appreciate about Hong Kong’s memorable palette. Here, we take inspiration from the city’s hues to direct home design.

Vibrant Red

Antique tramway in Hong Kong, photo courtesy of Serjio74/ Shutterstock Inc

From the shiny candy apple of the taxi cabs to the cherry of the antique peak tram, the color red is omnipresent in Hong Kong. Symbolizing good luck in Chinese culture, it’s no wonder the shade is so widely used—and so closely associated with the port city.

Tewksbury Township, New Jersey | Caroline GosselinProminent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

Incorporate red into your décor through bold accents, like the fiery flooring in this modern industrial home in New Jersey. Set against white walls and wood paneling, the red floor is a welcome splash of vibrancy. If a large-scale flooring commitment doesn’t suit your tastes, incorporate red in smaller accent pieces like an oversized vase or Persian area rug.

Skyscraper Blue

Abstract buildings in Hong Kong, photo courtesy of Daniel Fung/ Shutterstock Inc

Towering glass skyscrapers define the Hong Kong skyline, reflecting the sky above and the harbor below. Cool blue reflects serenity and stability, and the hue is one of the city’s most distinct colors—the sky, lit by the glow of the buildings, remains a deep midnight navy even at its darkest. Take cues from the glistening skyline by incorporating blue tones in your living spaces, creating environs that both bring to mind past travels and encourage a sense of calm.

Auckland, New Zealand | Athena Wang & Prudence FosterNew Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty

 This statement property in Auckland, New Zealand, features wall-to-wall windows, mimicking the effect of Hong Kong’s glass skyscrapers. The designers have also tiled the bathroom in shimmering teal, an effect that brings the glazed façades of the city down to earth.

Electric Neons

Hong Kong at night, photo courtesy ofleungchopan/ Shutterstock Inc

One of the most eye-catching features of Hong Kong’s streets is the multitude of neon signs lining the throughways. From dim sum restaurants to tea houses to effortlessly cool contemporary eateries, the neon sign is an indelible part of Hong Kong’s cityscape.

Las Vegas, Nevada | Kristen Routh SilbermanVictoria CrockettClaire HongShane JagerShannon Luke, & Peggy Micco KoningSynergy Sotheby’s International Realty

Add this brilliance to your home by changing the lighting in your rooms—this desert estate in Las Vegas proves that taking risks with radiance is worth it. Color-changing strip lighting over the stairwell lends an ethereal quality to the open-concept living and dining area, and glossy tiles reflect not only the lighting inside but also the city glow beyond. Neon signs are both playful and iconic, qualities that can be brought into your own home through thoughtful and lighthearted illumination.

Ferry Green

Ferry in Hong Kong, photo courtesy of Daniel Fung / Shutterstock Inc

During a visit to Hong Kong, chances are you’ll become familiar with the emerald green of its ferries. The Crayola-esque vessels add historic flare to Hong Kong’s waterways and give city dwellers access to the harbor’s waves.

Lucca, Italy | Daniela SpreaItaly Sotheby’s International Realty

Pull inspiration from this buoyancy with dashes of green in your own spaces. Whether via a jade accent piece or a mural like the one in this historic villa in Lucca, Italy, green is a subtle and invigorating hue to embrace. Vivid shades of forest green play well against gold and jewel tones, bringing a sense of sophistication to rooms and furnishings.

Fresh Pastels

Colorful grounds of the Choi Hung Estate in Hong Kong, photo courtesy of WJRVisuals/ Shutterstock Inc

Far from being a typical concrete jungle, Hong Kong’s apartment complexes take on the enticing tones of a candy store. Façades are painted mint green, butter yellow, cotton candy pink, and lilac, proving that there are no limits when it comes to a city’s skyline colors. And these classic Hong Kong edifices look especially appealing when lit up by a sunset.

Aspen, Colorado | Bubba Eggleston & Tracy EgglestonAspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty

Bring this sense of whimsy to your own home with a pastel palette, as seen in this Aspen, Colorado escape. For your own light-hued overhaul, select upholstery and side tables in unexpected shades, and add pastel accents via throw cushions and watercolor art. The soft tones of a sky blue wall and mint green nightstand do wonders for establishing a sense of serenity and harmony.

World travelers know that great food, engaging performances, and famous landmarks are just the beginning of a memorable trip. A truly enriching visit to a new place will leave you feeling inspired, and that’s something worth bringing home.

Browse the colorful homes of Hong Kong, and imagine yourself in bright spaces that never go out of style.

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