Japheth and Nicole said yes to their first home!

Japheth and Nicole said yes to their first home!

The search for the perfect home is over- at least for one pair of awesome clients!

Japheth and Nicole have discovered their first home – and they are excited to make the newly-renovated 1970s ranch-style house their own after move-in.

The couple has lived in Oregon for a few years, and have been working toward owning their own home for quite some time.

Japheth spent most of his childhood in African villages –

there, features like refrigeration and efficient home heating and cooling systems were practically non-existent. That’s part of why the couple worked to save for and find a first home that suits their needs.

Knowing that their long work hours during the week didn’t leave much time to learn how to remodel a home, and that it just didn’t interest them, both Japheth and Nicole agreed on what they were looking for: a home that they wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy repairing and upgrading.

That’s part of why this recently-renovated home is so perfect for them. The fully-fenced backyard was another plus – because it allows their mini Aussie a place to run, play and get rid of some of his energy.

Lender Tom Hestmark, of Mortgage Express, connected Japheth, Nicole and I during the couple’s search. We quickly hit it off and spent Sundays touring homes for a couple months in the Salem/Keizer area.

They initially went into backup position behind another offer that was accepted one day prior. When the first buyers failed their financing contingencies less than two weeks later, my clients moved into contract on this gorgeous place.

The sellers completed 100% of the requested repairs, and partial closing costs were also provided.  Talk about savings!

Everyone involved is thrilled at the outcome!

A great realtor can help you find the perfect home, negotiate the important details, and help you keep track of all the moving pieces in the home buying process.


If you’d like help buying, selling, or small space planning, I’d love to be a part of your team too!

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