Magical Letter to the Seller

Barb & Josh are some of our favorite people to work with. We recently sold their home and have been looking for months for their perfect new home they could call their own. Low and behold the home that was a near perfect blend of what they both envisioned came on the market.  By day 1 we got in the home, and Josh & Barb knew it had to be theirs. So, we submitted our offer that day in the hopes to take it off the market before the sellers’ scheduled open houses that weekend.  Our offer was above list price, but soon we felt the flurry of other offers coming on the table and suddenly we found ourselves sinking from the top place.  Barb & Josh are wise and they knew the offer they submitted was their highest and best so they knew they had to pull some heart strings to get the sellers to choose theirs. Barb has what we call the magic touch for a seller letters, and her words were truly heart felt and convincing.  That evening minutes before our offer expired, I received an accepted offer in my inbox along with a call from the listing agent congratulating us on our excellent presentation and killer letter.  My face lit up with job to be able to deliver such amazing news.  Barb & Josh were so relieved that they would have their new home days before both of their birthdays.

During our inspection people were still trying to view the property thinking it was still on the market because of how hot the property was, which sealed the fact that we were so blessed to have them in contract on this amazing home. Another victory was that we were able to negotiate a substantial credit for Josh & Barb.  Barb & Josh stood their ground and asked for what they believed was fair.  Time and time again I have seen good things happen to this pair and they were able to get a beautiful home with fair terms.  Our hearts are so full today because it’s finally key delivering day, and we get to finally hand them a long awaited token of joy from all their hard work.



We love you Barb, Josh & Parker and are so excited to see what new adventures you both will continue to have together.




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