Metamorphosis In Progress

Eugene is not your typical investor.  He is careful.  He is diligent.  And above all, he is patient.  So patient, in fact, that we have been looking for a project for him for an entire year.  In my experience, the biggest mistake investors make when purchasing a flip is being too eager or emotionally invested.  They mentally commit to a project and stick with it even if the numbers aren’t working out right.

Eugene, on the other hand, has the patience of a monk.  We have written numerous offers over the past year and without success.  In each instance he worked his numbers, stuck to his guns, and walked away when he thought he might be paying too much.  When other people would have bid higher to win out Eugene chose to let things go.  As an experienced contractor, Eugene has the eye needed to quickly evaluate a property and really know what fixing it might cost, which helped him feel confident in his decisions.

After all of this time searching I finally found a property that wasn’t listed on the RMLS through an investor that I have a longstanding relationship with.  Because of this relationship Eugene was given first priority in a multiple offer situation and was able to win out despite the competition!

Eugene closed on this house today and I could not be more happy for him.  Having the fortitude to be patient when looking for a project is an admirable trait!  I know the work he will do to bring the house back to life is going to be of the highest possible quality and I can’t wait to see the transformation!


Are you looking for a fixer?  I’d love to help!


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