Moving from San Jose, San Francisco CA to Charlotte NC

Moving from San Jose, San Francisco CA to Charlotte NC to see homes for sale in the southern suburb of Charlotte NC known for their great schools, Fort Mill SC. Moving from Seattle to Charlotte or moving from CA to SC are questions on lots of tech workers who can’t seem to purchase a home, even with great salaries. The Charlotte Business Journal ( then slash CHARLOTTE) published the median pay of workers on West Coast headquartered companies like eBay, Microsoft, and Facebook which made me think how much farther the workers’ income would go to buy a new home in the Charlotte NC – Fort Mill SC area. Just had a relocation buyer who was moving from Seattle to Charlotte (don’t worry – Amazon headquarters’ not moving from Seattle) who saw my YouTube real estate channel which helped her. And as you see these companies and discover the worker’s median income, you may understand why moving from California to the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area could be in the best interests of not only the company (think HQ2) and the workers, for sure. Not long ago, I got a call from a San Jose family who was moving from CA to SC and saw my videos on Masons Bend. I was able to offer real estate services that included helping them see the right house and the right neighborhood for a fraction of what Bay Area real estate is going for. To see their video REALTOR® review, Google or YouTube Search “Relocation to Fort Mill SC – Moving from Bay Area California” and my Roger Holloway YouTube video “Moving Back from California to North Carolina – Consider Charlotte” as well as this powerful testimony about moving from CA to SC “Best Realtor® Charlotte NC – Roger Holloway Reviews”. And if your tech company start-up is looking for a great area to begin your company, I’ll connect you to my commercial RE partner, Brian Smith of Regent Commercial Real Estate to help you find the right space for your company, as I will help your talent find housing that will enhance their lifestyle as well as make (and keep) them happy! Moving from California and moving companies from CA to NC can be a big deal, but I’m here to help if your thinking of moving to Charlotte! Call/Text me at 704-345-3400 for expert buyer representation in the purchase of your new construction home. I’d love to be your Buyer’s Agent, so why not have an agent helping you, especially from a New Home Construction Specialist REALTOR®?

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