Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Spinach Juice

Sometimes all the ingredients come together.  I received a call from Cori about a live/work condo listing I have in the Streetcar Lofts.  She asked a few questions and realized the condo was not on the street level.  She was looking for something street level to open a juice bar.

I mentioned to her another agent’s listing in a different building that was street level.  It had been on the market earlier in the year, but it didn’t sell and the seller had taken it off the market.  Cori reached out to that agent and loved the condo.  A few days later Cori called me back to ask if I would represent her in the purchase.

Our due diligence was a bit different from a normal condo purchase.  Cori spent time at the city offices getting approvals for the juice bar.  I spent time communicating with the building HOA to get approval for the new business.  A month later I am giving Cori the keys to her new condo.  I can’t wait to visit the condo again and get my first fresh juice!


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