Referrals Can Be So Much Fun!

Referrals can be so much fun! I was reminded of this as I drove to 

Aloha to meet Brooke & John. In our first dialogue Brooke said

most of the folks they asked for real estate agent referrals thought

their agents were just “OK”. She said that my review from a respected 

co worker was so glowing and almost insistent that they thought they

would give me a call.


With this, I felt pretty confident that we did not have to go through the “trust

me, I know what I’m doing” dance during our buyer’s consult.

On the flip side, any friend of this co worker’s was a friend of mine!

Sure enough, Brooke & John were every bit as kind, loving and savvy as the 

folks that referred them. We had a match!


February 10 we started our meeting with introductions, treats and outlining all of their housing 

hopes and dreams. I told them to reach for the stars, because…why not?!

During a March 3rd tour we found their dream home 🙂

April 2nd brought our signing date for said dream home!


I am thrilled that things moved smoothly as this lovely couple had been looking, 

thinking and talking about making this move for  more than a year before we met.

Team work made all the difference.


Congratulations on your new, amazing home John & Brooke!

Thanks for allowing me to guide you through this fun journey.


Your Enthusiastic Advocate,

Yonette Fine

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