Reignwolf @ The Roxy

Photos by Debi Del Grande

Out of the blue, Reignwolf announced some tour dates and the stars aligned. It’s always worth the wait–even if it’s been four years since Jordan Cook climbed the balcony at The Troubadour.

Cook, along with drummer Joseph Braley and bassist Stacey-James Kardash (solid team) wanted to be as intimate as possible with us at The Roxy–they took the entire set onto the floor early on and kept it there for most of the show. Longtime fans, friends and Reignwolf virgins came together to soak in the sweat and bluesy rock sounds that permeated the walls. There was a 7″ for sale with recent single “Wanna Don’t Wanna,” but looks like there won’t be an album out in time for your holiday shopping.

Not another four years, please.

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