Rescue Plant Moves to Kerns

Winning Letter to the Seller

When there are multiple offers on the property you want how do you make yourself stand out from the pack? Not all home sellers are moved by letters from prospective buyers, but many are, so write a letter and share who you are! Be authentic, honest and sincere – be you. Lots of people include photos of their cute kiddos, human and other species. Many couples share romantic shots from far away adventures. So, how’s a single person with no children and no pets supposed to compete? Write from your heart and share things that matter to you.

Natalie really wanted the perfect condo when it popped on the market in the Kerns neighborhood, and so did other people. As we brainstormed ways she could make her offer as strong as possible, she hesitated when we discussed her writing a letter to the woman who was selling the place, not having any mini-mes, or fur babies to feature. And then she said, “I have a plant I rescued, does that count?” You bet it does, I told her. She wrote a funny, heartfelt letter about making the condo a home for herself and her plant. The seller loved it. She got the place.

The days flew by and in a matter of weeks Natalie and her plant got to move in. I know she’s going to Love Where She Lives in the heart of Portland’s Restaurant Row.



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