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Prepare to increase your screen time as you burn calories. The latest fitness craze cuts down on commuting and brings expert instruction into the comfort of your own home. Depending on your exercise style, there’s a high-end, sleek home gym that will get you—or keep you—lean and strong.

The Cardio Lover

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Peloton is now a household name in the spin world, with cycling aficionados trading in their gym memberships to pedal from the luxury of home. The Peloton Bike, starting at $2,245 with a $39 monthly membership fee, offers access to 14 daily live classes and 4,000 on-demand rides. Riders can join live classes from anywhere in the world for that group-class experience with personalized motivation—instructors even cheer you on by name.

And last year, Peloton released its updated take on the traditional treadmill. The Tread, starting at $4,295, also requires a $39 monthly membership fee to access the 10 daily live classes led by treadmill instructors. Classes range from interval to strength and even yoga.

The Fitness Commitment Phobe

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The stylish, wall-mounted Mirror is just that—a mirror that offers yoga, barre, boxing, Pilates, and cardio classes, each customizable to fit the user’s ability and fitness goals. The Mirror connects to Bluetooth heart-rate monitors or the Apple Watch to track your movement and provide real-time customization.

The Mirror, at $1,495, offers more than 50 live-streaming classes per week, allowing users who pay a $39 monthly fee to work out with friends under the skilled eye of instructors from fitness studios across the U.S. Each user can enter their fitness goals, class preferences, and any injuries that may require modifications, to access recommended classes and personalized workouts.

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