Portland is just a great city for runners and cyclists alike. Yet many of our enthusiasts haven’t appreciated or explored the many wonderful and varied streets, walks and trails winding through PDX West. My friends had outgrown their comfortable, wooded home in SW, but were reluctant to trade their devotion to the more bucolic environment of their current daily exercise itineraries for the heat and beat of the city streets. Yet retaining opportunities for the exhilaration of running and cycling were paramount. Priorities were defined. The searching began…..

Three months into the search, we found a beautifully remodeled SW home that has endless–or so it seems–miles of running and cycling routes just outside their door; pleasure and challenges squared. So much new to explore.

Keeping their first home as a rental seemed like a natural option for this energetic couple. This special, well maintained home invited thoughts of trying their hands at being landlords. But before long, the joys of family life and recreational life at their new home were bested by the demands inherent with managing their prior home. It was time to sell and fortunately–what with a solid Portland real estate market– we were able to sell the rental home in 30 days to some very happy and lucky new owners. And my friends can get back to the rush of pushing around that next corner. Priorities defined, and lived.

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