The best $15 burger in Portland…. for only $12

Portland is Burger town. Burgers come in as many styles and configurations, and the debates over best burgers can be almost as intense as Chicago style versus New York pizza.

We are home to many worthy burgers at many different price points. From Little Big Burgers (sadly the quality has gone downhill since purchased by Hooters) small but adequate $4.00 dollar burger, to Le Pigeon’s, formally rationed to only five a night $17.00 (don’t expect fries with that) masterpiece. But the average price to pay for a better quality burger and fries in a restaurant you might actually like to hang out in for a while seems to be $14-$15. Most of which, in my opinion are just OK and many of which are boring beyond belief, served with purveyor supplied fries and Heinz catsup. (People, there are amazing ketchups made RIGHT HERE in Portland)

But somewhere, lost in a sea of mediocre $15.00 burgers lives the most succulent, perfectly cooked, ideally seasoned 1/3 pound of beef goodness at Redwood. For ONLY $12.00. Served on a Brioche bun, topped with white cheddar (why don’t more people get this?) with a house made pickle and perfectly cooked home cut fries.

Do yourself a favor and go NOW to eat the best $15 burger in Portland for just $12.00!

Redwood Dinner Menu

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