The Chronology of a First Time Homebuyer

  1. Find your agent: Agent gets a phone call around 8 pm but didn’t see the missed call until 9:32. Respectfully shoots a text stating “I’m just now seeing the missed call and will call first thing in the morning”. 9:34 client says they can talk now. 9:36 agent calls new client back and proceeds to answer a slew of questions for the next hour
  2. Get your first batch of listings from your realtor: With such a generous footprint, and solid budget.. there were a lot
  3. Respond to your agent with homes you want to see on Saturday: 12 of them….
  4. Get a feel of what you like and don’t like: Bouncing from $200k-$500k… all over the place.. New and used, getting dazed and confused
  5. Start to feel the anxiety of a timeline: Have to find a home and move within about 4 weeks
  6. Wonder if you’re doing the right thing: OMG OMG OMG… are we seriously adulting right now
  7. Deflation: We found a house we love, someone else loved it faster than us, back up position, don’t have time for that
  8. Back to the drawing board: 734957 more houses
  9. Found one! Love it: Let’s sleep on it
  10. Never mind don’t love it: See it for the 3rd time and decide no thanks
  11. Do we love it?: Want to see it again
  12. We don’t love it: (Let it go, Elsa)
  13. Back to the drawing board: Several more days of full day and night showings
  14. These floors?: Finding the creaking noise is now a top priority in every home
  15. We want a house with a yard: Gardening and space is important to us
  16. We want a townhouse: Low maintenance
  17. We want a house: But yard work is hard and cumbersome
  18. We want that townhouse we saw the first day: Agent creates offer
  19. WAIT!: We want to see it again, hmm it doesn’t have a yard
  20. Go see it again: Ok, yeah we like it
  21. Inspection period: Scared shitless
  22. Waiting period: Scared shitless
  23. Signing day!: Scared shitless
  24. Title/deed recorded: Bye bye money
  25. Get your keys!
  26. #TownHouseForTheWin #NoYard

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