The Forever Home

I love what I do

One of the best parts of what I do is to help people find their dream home. I met Don and Amelia in early December. Excited at the prospect of owning a home, they approached this with the same diligence and attention to detail as I suspect they do everything. They researched the process and established a clear goal in their minds.  They determined exactly what it was going to take to purchase their first home. There was, however, a little twist to this. They were not only out to purchase their first house but it was going to be their forever home. Living on the frugal side, they diligently stashed away funds as well as maintained good credit and rented a small apartment. They knew every bus route and schedule, using the car only when necessary. They walked everywhere and thoroughly explored each neighborhood where they might consider living.

The Perfect Home

Over the time that we searched for that perfect home, I began to feel that it was really more a question of which house would pick Don and Amelia. A home that would speak to them. Somewhere there was a kitchen yearning for that espresso machine frothing lovely white clouds of milk. An oven looking forward to the sourdough bread that would turn a golden brown within its warmth. A living room waiting for the couch where Amelia and Don would snuggle in front of the fire, drinking espresso after returning home from the latest hike.

Don and Amelia planned on this being the place where their families would celebrate holidays and where they would hang twinkling lights to bring light to the dark evenings. They wanted space to relax outside where they could barbeque while grandparents would rest on the front porch and chat with passersby. They wanted a house that would give them room to grow if they so chose. Ultimately we found a lovely Portland bungalow! This house had everything they had hoped for. It was near parks and coffee shops, the streets had sidewalks for walking and a good grocery store. They were close to multiple bus routes providing options for work and activities that could take them to all corners of the city.

It was obvious that this house had been so lovingly cared for and maintained.  It was not going to miss out on a wonderful new couple of caretakers. This house was proud, it had lots of charm and character and was so ready to be loved again. It was a perfect match and I felt lucky enough to witness this house becoming Don and Amelia’s forever home.

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