The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 6/27/19 – 7/3/19

The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 6/27/19 – 7/3/19

Katatonic photo by Hilary Russell

Looking for cool live music this week? Here’s some show recommendations:

Thursday 6/27

Bootleg Theater – Sloppy Jane, Poppy Jean Crawford + Pageants

Doll Hut – TSOL, JFA, Unit F, Carpit, Bear Fight + The Pawns

Maui Sugar Mill – Turbulent Hearts, Smokers + The Touchies

Redwood Bar – Jesika von Rabbit, Flames of Durga, Blackbird Days + Boots Electric

Friday 6/28

Beatnik Bandito Music (Santa Ana) – Rundown Kreeps, The Chonks, Counterfeit Jacks, Going Under, Pretty Well + Chanto

Cafe Nela – The Mormons, Fifi, Harsh Carpets + Functional Lunatics

Hotel Figueroa – Trap Girl, Dynasty Handbag, Lisa “Suckdog” Carver, Hardcore Tina + Jeff Schneider

Rec Center – Katatonic, Slaughterhouse, DJ Tony Knox, DJ Fancy Sinatra, DJ Paul Cinnamon + more!

Redwood Bar – The Adjacents, Flesh Blood & Bones, Too Tough 2Die + High Life

Saturday 6/29

DiPiazza’s – The Wrinkling Brothers + Garretson & Gorodetsky

Doll Hut – The Hajj record release also Mike Watt + The Secondmen, Klunkurr (with Rikk Agnew), Gorilla Fist Fight, Machine, Bear Fight, Ten Foot You, Blacklist 9, CafeMetal + more!

Gallagher’s – Blind House, Los Mysteriosos + The Heroes (benefit for City of Hope and to end cancer)

Maui Sugar Mill – The Sold! & Bones, The Plunketts, JIRO + Beckett McDowell

Redwood Bar – Radwaste, Neverland Ranch Davidians, Analog Party + Double Cobra

Sunday 6/30

Alex’s Bar – Die Group, The Spits, + Surfbort, 2pm; Wild Wing, Justus Profitt, Girl Pusher + Whaja Dew, 8pm

The Echo – Yellowhammer Fund Benefit with Sie Sie Benhoff, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Shannon Lay, Molly Hamner,+ Maesa Pullman

Thirsty Crow – Johnny Angel Wendell, Robbie Rist + Brock Avery

Tonga Hut (No.Hollywood) – The Zip Guns

Monday 7/1

Maui Sugar Mill – Eric Cardinas

Zebulon – Kali Kazoo, Prism Bitch + Holly Le Babe

Tuesday 7/2

Zebulon – Sheer Mag, Die Group, The Spits + Public Eye

Wednesday 7/3

Cafe Nela – Terrodactyl, Scrapmetal, Anger As Art + Warwitch

Maui Sugar Mill – Chad Carrier, Eric Leach & the Futuristics, Dave Gambler + Luis Oliart

For this week’s full live show listings, please check out The Intown Report

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