The Tuning Fork

As a real estate broker, I am in sales. But I’m really not selling houses. The houses truly sell themselves. What I am selling is peace of mind and an experience. There is no series of words that I can say to make a person like a house; they can only feel it for themselves. I describe it a turning fork that resonates deep down in your body when you see a home that you love. From there, it is my job to make sure you don’t pay too much, that the house doesn’t have any surprise material defects, etc., etc.

For my client Jojo, it was no different. We looked at every cute house in the North Portland neighborhoods of Kenton and Arbor Lodge over the course of several months. There was always an element or two that just didn’t quite work. Then one day, it just happened: she called me up and said “I found my house”. She knew it right when she walked in the door. Of course, we had to beat out 5 other offers to get it, but we threw the kitchen sink* at it and bested the competition. A few weeks on from the accepted offer, and Jojo is still walking on air.

*Kitchen sink offer: when you throw everything you’ve got at seller to get it to stick. Elevated price, quick close, short inspection period, as-is, free rent back just to name a few things. The market has heated up since the New Year and I’ve had to write a few kitchen sink offers in the last few weeks.

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