This is How We Do It.. The Living Room Way

I got a call from Alicia around 8 pm on a Friday. She sounded frustrated and distraught that her  OHSU condo she purchased for her son while in medical school was sitting stagnant with another agency. One always has to tread lightly in these situations, it’s never my intention to take a listing away from another agent. I explained the Portland market, that she should do her due diligence and look at her listing contract and make sure she understood when it expired and what the repercussion could look like if it hadn’t, and that I would happily look into the comps and give her my opinion for peace of mind. I placed the ball in her court to do some homework and went on with my evening. A few weeks later I got a message that she was ready to list and wanted to move forward with me. I was surprised that the unit hadn’t sold already; it was a simple, yet darling, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom a few steps away from OHSU’s campus. I got the keys, put in some good ol elbow grease, and got it listed. The comps supported a higher price point than it had been sitting at, and I got to work marketing. Less than a month later, we got a solid offer and had a smooth close. I just love a good testimonial, so I’ve decided to add hers!


“Nichole really came through for us.  We reside out of state, needed to sell our Portland rental property, and had to do it remotely. Our property had been listed for six months with another company, and did not receive a single offer.  Nichole helped us determine our priorities and we re-listed right away.  She worked hard to get our property noticed.  So, it was a quick and simple sale, and we were able to close at a price higher than the previous listing price.  Communicating with Nichole was effortless.  This process was so easy for us, and we are thankful and relieved!” -Alicia


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