Trust Los Angeles Real Estate Agent Finneus Egan to Use Video to Sell Your Home

Trust Los Angeles Real Estate Agent Finneus Egan to Use Video to Sell Your Home – Is your broker using every available tool and technology to market your home and get you the best sale price? In this video, Finneus “Finn 2 Win” Egan explains how he uses technology to set him apart from other trusted brokers and real estate agents, and sell your home at the best price within the timeframe you’re looking for.

A message from Finneus:

Hello. My name is Finneus Egan, a Realtor of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. My friends and trusted clients know me as Finn. You are welcome to call me ‘Finn’, too. Remember “Finn 2 Win” !

I believe my skill set and use of technology is unparalleled in the real estate industry. It gives me the expertise to create a marketing plan that will sell your home at the best price in your preferred time frame. That means fast!

After all, it’s 2017. Isn’t it about time your real estate broker acted like it, using every available tool and technology to market your home? I mean, our devices are always on; there’s broadband from coast-to-coast and social media is a constant presence at home, at work and well, socially.

At this time, only elite and high price point properties are gaining the benefit of a professionally produced custom property listing video. I believe this should be for all listings, regardless of the price point, an included benefit when you hire me as your realtor, regardless of price point!

After all, there’s more power and video capability in your smartphone than in an entire movie studio in the 70s.

Old school real estate brokers continue to use old tricks like outdated still photos that fail to give the whole picture to potential buyers. Whether you’re a broker, buyer or seller, that wastes our most important commodity – TIME! Or think of it this way: there’s no viral cat photography. We share viral videos. So why wouldn’t you use video to sell your home?

By creating a Property Listing Video that uses drones and the skills of Hollywood directors to shoot your home professionally, we can excite buyers even before they come to see the property. We tell a story and get people who want to see your home. Sometimes, the video alone is enough for people to make offer on your home, even from other States or even other Countries! For example, this video – one of my first – got thousands of views, leading to over 20 offers and an intense bidding war:

If given enough time, we can even take a lesson from Hollywood blockbuster marketing, creating a short teaser video, whetting the appetite for the full video release. Check out this custom trailer video I did for a celebrity home in the Hollywood Hills:

If you’re ready to embrace the latest tools and online targeted marketing strategies to sell your home, let’s meet. I believe in using the latest technology, but I love meeting the old-school way, face to face and with a firm handshake.

When would be a good time to devise a plan of action moving forward? Contact me now, and let’s set up a meeting.

Drone operators are standing by….ha!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Your friend,

Oh, and check out a sneak peek original episode of my upcoming “Does Your Agent Get It?” mini web series.

These humorous videos of some common real estate agent missteps will be released every Thursday at 3pm PST. Stay tuned !

Finneus “Finn 2 Win” Egan
Realtor® of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


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