Urban Farming in Grand Dame 1911 Farm House

I would say wanting the “big city” walkability but the “small town” big yard feel is a pretty popular dream for most people moving to Portland.  Coming from the beautiful town of Hood River where this already exists and artists by trade, my buyers were more attuned to this than most.  We scoured the market and wrote a few offers on ones that were very close and definitely could have worked.  But Portland is still a competitive market with multiple offers on homes like this because it’s such a driver for people moving here.  “Buyer fatigue” was definitely starting to set in for these guys.

We were out on a weekend tour of the new homes on the market and had just been disappointed by one that we had high hopes for.  Next on our list was a 1911 farmhouse close to the Foster/Powell ne

ighborhood and an easy pleasant bike ride to the Woodstock restaurants and groceries.  My buyers were contemplating skipping this one, but I had been in it before and suggested that we should keep it on the list.  Sure enough, this 2652 sq ft farmhouse with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a basement with some serious potential hit the right note.  The huge, private yard (almost a double lot) further encouraged them.  It was perhaps more of a fixer than they wanted to take on, but the future potential outweighed that in the end.  Again we submitted our offer among many,  again

we held our breath and hoped for the best.  Well, I guess the rest is history, and I am so excited to see what this beautiful Grand Dame with so much potential becomes in the future years!



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