Variety’s the Spice of Life!

Beaverton is quickly becoming the place to go to get a tasty bite to eat. Beaverton has the largest farmer’s market in Oregon – great for finding the perfect fresh and tasty ingredients to cook with at home. If you feel like going out, there is a food cart pod in SW Beaverton with 31 different carts!

This food cart pod sits on a 4,500 sq ft lot, and has a heated beer, wine, and cider speak-easy style bar along with indoor and outdoor seating. There’s something tasty for everyone!

  • Kickin’ Chicken Wings has chicken wings with a variety of sauces, sandwiches, and chicken strips that even the most picky kiddos will love.
  • Ruby Jewel Ice Cream features artisan ice cream and ice cream sandwiches featuring unique seasonal flavors (this December’s flavor is Peppermint Candy.)
  • Abuela Chona has empanadas with different delicious fillings & a secret family spice blend, surrounded by  scratch-made dough.
  • Magokoro Ramen has ramen with a variety of classic toppings like bamboo shoots, house made Chashu pork, and a seasoned boiled egg. All these toppings sit in a steamy warm broth that has been made from scratch! Perfect for warming you up on dreary grey days.

Portland is known for being a foodie town – but Beaverton provides some tasty competition!

Image thanks to Oregon Live. Read about more of the food carts in the BG Food Cartel here and find menus and more here.

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