Welcome to Oregon! Smart Move. Move Smart.

Welcome to Oregon! Smart Move. Move Smart.

Part 1

I often get calls from Realtors in other states who want me to help their clients who are relocating to Portland or anywhere in Oregon, and that’s pretty awesome, and I want to help them. But I begin our introduction by figuring out if it would make more sense to buy or rent first. I am always happy to work together while they find where they want to be, and my local knowledge really helps smooth out that learning curve.

If you are considering relocating to Portland and want to buy a house right away, I recommend you call me before you move. We can get your search started before you arrive, and I can help cushion your landing.

Oregon and Portland (where I live) is really wonderful, and all the rumors you have heard about the amazing green landscape, delicious food and the friendly people are true, though you should know the rainfall amount is a little exaggerated! Here are a few great local online resources to get you excited and informed as you make your plans. And for more of my personal take on this place I call home, check out Part two (coming soon).

Travel Oregon, Travel Portland, The Oregonian and Portland Monthly are great resources for travelling and local news and pop  culture, Portland Business Journal has an industry lens and Willamette Week Portland Mercury and Street Roots tend to give a more alternative spin on things around here. Red Tricycle, Metro Parent and Urban Mamas are great to get a sense of family-centric activities and concerns. Most neighborhoods and counties have local online and print newspapers if you want to dig deeper.

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