A Dream Refined Through Fire

When we met Patricia we prepped her for what she may be competing against in Hillsboro with homes that met her home search criteria. She wasn’t afraid and put on her warrior armor to prepare her for the battlefield of real estate. Hillsboro for the most part, is still in a seller’s market. So when a home checks all the boxes as far as location, amenities, and price they go extremely quick and buyers have to fight hard to be chosen. And sometimes one just has to walk away when the bidding war goes above one’s comfort level. After competing in multiple bidding wars Tricia was determined to use all the “no’s” to her advantage and when we found the right home she resisted the gravity of the circumstance and quickly used her experience as momentum to swing her into contract. We found the home now it was time to dig in.

Patricia did not shy away, hers was a mantra of “Never Give Up.” We stood by her side cheering her on. We all pulled together as her team and her fantastic lender Erik Liu w/ First Tech, was able to make one final tweak which upped our closing time an impressive 16 days setting her offer a part. When we got the call that Patricia was the chosen one, the smile on our faces was contagious and we immediately celebrated with Tricia.

The uphill sprint commenced and we fought hard to schedule inspections immediately and had thorough reports back to Patricia within 24hrs of our first counting business day. In our ascent, we gathered all the information needed to negotiate concessions and what seemed like a easy climb quickly showed its difficulty. Hinging on the end before falling off, we mustered all that we had to hold it together. She negotiated a substantial concession and with a Home Warranty and was excited to move forward. This was an incredible accomplishment.

Patrica’s dream came to life. It is a joy to see the smile on her face and the light that shined bright within her. She is a true testament to never loosing hope. We look forward to celebrating this great accomplishment by her side. In the end, what started as dream was refined through the passage of fire.

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