Dream McMansion in Milwaukie!

Christy and RJ were some of my first clients years ago when I started.  I sold them first house in Woodstock just around the corner from Toast.  We stayed friends over the years, they showed up with baby gifts when I had my first kid and also turned me on to the world of Portland Storage Wars.  They became solid regulars at NWIPA and loved being only 6 blocks away.  Christy started getting the itch to move closer to her job in Milwaukie and called me up when she was certain she wanted to move.  She had found her dream home on a 1/4 acre lot at the end of a dead end street.

There’s only the 2 of them so I wasn’t sure why they wanted a 5 bedroom 3 bath house, but they realized they have a tendency to take in wayward strays.  This house is HUGE.  It had been recently gutted and remodeled but I think the selling point was the party basement.  RJ pictured a pool table and Christy pictured enough room to display her mom’s furniture.  Coming from a smaller house where they had roommates for a few years, it felt like they could stretch out and breathe.  This is the home they can grow old in.

Congrats, pals!  I loved being a part of your dream home.  Off to sell the old one.


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