House Buying Like A Boss

Working away in my car, waiting for my clients to show for the first of many showings- I think to myself “how in the h are they going to pull this off??”. With three active young boys ranging from 2 to 9 years old, house shopping can’t exactly be a breeze. Taking off 10 shoes, open houses, snack attacks, brotherly pinches and bites- they proceed to skillfully execute the process and glide through homes. Often with a quick “nope” we would move on to the next, and they never failed to keep smiling. With an eye of a professional, they would squint at each other and exchange an “Oh… I like this one!” (I cringe silently, wondering if I’m losing my knack of reading sarcasm), “we could blow this wall out, turn that corner into a pantry, rework this living room wall, and add a bedroom here!” (…….. I see nothing but a 1978 beige kitchen with original countertops…). Their wish list is a fair one, 3-4 bedrooms, an office (if we can manage), a yard for the boys to toss a baseball in and tackle each other’s ankles, and most importantly a safe home with great schools for their gorgeous children. Sitting up on the hill overlooking Mount Hood we find the perfect home; great schools (check), the right quiet street for bike riding and games (check), more than enough bedrooms and a fenced in yard (check check).. Eureka! My heart bubbles with happiness as I watch the boys zip through the hallway giggling and claiming the master bedroom as “theirs”. Portland is now officially the permanent home for 5 of the most incredible people I’ve had the honor of knowing, working with, and calling my framily. I am so glad I get to watch the boys grow up, and be part of their memories. A huge congratulations, and an even bigger thank you! <3

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