OR Unicorn

Sara and Scott and they’re amazing babes, Axel and Eloise have been in Portland for ages. Well, for the babes… since they were born. The conundrum has always been, will OR remain home for them? Sara and Scott considered many options for where they would want to raise their babes. Coming originally from Nebraska, while they were living out their youth in Oregon, they considered Idaho and Colorado among the couple of other places they were to settle down for good. When opportunities didn’t manifest, and baby Axel came, they decided to reinvest their futures in the ground they had been living in for years – right here in Oregon. To do this required a new sanctuary space: A space with privacy, but not too remote.; A home with nature walks and good schools; A romper room for the kids with the retention of some adult spaces. We coined it the unicorn. We had to find it. And we did. Congratulations on your new Oregon home and remaining Oregonians!

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