The highest bid doesn’t always win…


Between the view overlooking the Willamette river, the award worthy courtyard garden, the to-the-studs remodel and the detached double car garage out back, my people wanted this North Portland property and they wanted it bad! In fact, they were willing to take just about any reasonable measure to keep it out of the hands of the other parties who were bidding.

Thru an exhaustive vetting process and a bit of friendly back channel communication, I knew we were up against one cash buyer and another offer that was actually higher than ours. However, we still won with a bid that was within 1% of the seller’s published list price.

How you may be wondering did we do that? I’ll post the details soon, but only after I’ve helped guide my clients thru the next few weeks of inspections, reports and collaborative negotiation to a successful close.

Or you could just give me a call to chat about it now (and discuss how I could possibly help you win too)!


Chad Meier

Living Room Realty

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