VENDOR FEATURE: Moto Maid Cleaning Services!

Meet Faye Flores, one of Property Management’s preferred cleaning vendors! Read their story below:

Hiya folks!
My name is Faye Flores, and I am the owner of Moto Maid Cleaning Services, LLC., a locally contracted cleaning company.
In 2010, I seized an employment opportunity allowing me a foot in the door to the world of housing renovation, with a focus on cleaning homes and apartments prior to move in. This cultivated my fire within: a passion for homes, hospitality, and renovation. I spent a few years with this company, honing my skills, and apprenticing under the maintenance tech, performing light maintenance orders and cleaning properties. 
This experience gave me a great foundation of knowledge to later start my business. In 2018, with the help and advice of my dear friend and Living Room Property Management’s very-own Ash Jimenez, I was able to acquire a business license and begin services! 
From day one, I have worked my Motorcycle, Sapphire, into the business model. I have modified the saddle bags and added compact tools and supplies to the bike. It is important to my business model to be low impact, and contributes to why I have chosen Motorcycle as my main form of transport.
I have also developed cleaning methods and chemicals that reduce the impact on the environment compared to standard cleaning products. Leaving the least amount of environmental impact while shining surfaces up to the best of their ability is my promise to all of my clients.
If you’re lucky, you might catch me one day, zipping through the streets, riding into the sunrise on my way to clean your new home!
IG @motomaid

Ph: 440.371.6820

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